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Taurine (107-35-7)

Synonyms:2-aminoethanesulfonic acid;aminoetylsulphonic acid;Aminoethylsulfonic acid (JAN);2-aminoethyl sulfonate;beta-aminoethylsulfonic acid;Taufon;Aminoethylsulfonic acid;O-Due;2-Sulfoethylamine;Ethanesulfonic acid, 2-amino- (9CI);Aminoethanesulfonic acid;Taurine (8CI);Taukard;L-Taurine;2-Aminoethylsulfonic acid;2-azaniumylethanesulfonate;ethanesulfonic acid, 2-amino-;ethylaminesulphonic acid;2-aminoethylsulfonic acid, ethlaminosulfonic acid;2-Aminoethanesulphonic acid >99%;2-amino ethanesulfonic acid;Taurine JP8 (food, feed & pharmaceutical grade);Taurine (P015);2-Aminoethansulfonic;;2-Amino ethyl sulfonic acid;
EINECS: 203-483-8
Molecular Formula: C2H7NO3S
Molecular Weight: 125.14
InChI: InChI=1/C2H7NO3S/c3-1-2-7(4,5)6/h1-3H2,(H,4,5,6)
Molecular Structure: (C2H7NO3S) 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid;aminoetylsulphonic acid;Aminoethylsulfonic acid (JAN);2-aminoethyl sulfon...
Flash Point: 300
Density:1.494 g/cm3
Stability:Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.
Refractive index:1.515
Appearance:White crystalline powder

?Taurine , its CAS NO. is 107-35-7, the synonyms are 2-Aminoethanesulfonic acid ; 2-Aminoethylsulfonic acid ; 2-Sulfoethylamine ; Tauphon ; Taurinum ; ?beta-Aminoethylsulfonic acid ; Ethanesulfonic acid, 2-amino- ; L-Taurine .

HS Code: 29211980
Biological Activity: One of the most abundant free amino acids in the brain. A partial agonist at the inhibitory glycine receptor.
Flash Point: 300

An important amino acid in a number of metabolic processes.

Safety Data
Hazard Symbols Xi: Irritant